Brainwave Entrainment Can Change Your Fortune With a Mindset of Abundance

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When you don’t have enough money to pay the bills or to live life the way you wish, your mindset is one of lack. There’s no other way around it. You are going to feel the lack. With the way the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration work, that then, will be the only thing you will attract back to yourself.

Brainwave entrainment can change your fortune, the fortune of lack, by ingraining powerful neural networks in your brain, that will assist you in implanting the mindset of abundance. Once abundance has become your default, all things abundant, will be drawn to you.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful energy in the Universe that draws similar vibrational energies together. It manifests through your thoughts, attracting to you, thoughts and ideas of a similar kind, people who think like you, and corresponding situations and circumstances.

The Law of Vibration is the foundation of the Law of Attraction. This law states that everything is vibrating at a specific speed. Nothing rests.

Thoughts have specific vibrational frequencies.

So, according to the Law of Attraction, if you are thinking thoughts of lack, you will attract lack. And according to the Law of Vibration, thoughts of lack have their own vibrational frequency. Put the two laws together, and what you are going to manifest, from a mindset of lack, is more lack.

You’ll never have enough money.

But, according to the Law of Attraction, if you are thinking thoughts of abundance, you will attract abundance. And according to the Law of Vibration, thoughts of abundance also have their own unique vibrational frequency. When the two laws are put together, in the mindset of abundance, what you are going to manifest, is abundance.

Money Is Not How To Bring Fortune

The moment you stop caring about money so much, will be the moment you have entered the mindset of abundance.

Why? Because it’s not about the money.

What it is all about, is the experience of your desire. You want to experience your desire.

Money is just the system that is used to acquire the desire.

When you blow your nose, the dirty Kleenex is not the desired outcome. The experience of having a clear nasal passageway is your desire, not the snotty Kleenex.

When you really want your desire, your fortune, you must concentrate the feeling of having it already, and not on how you can obtain it. Realizing that it may take a lot of money, which you don’t have, will produce negative thoughts. And as you’ve already guessed, negative thoughts attract like things that are negative-like not enough money.

Your conscious mind does not have all the information that will manifest your desire. This state of mind cannot access the collective unconscious where 98% of unseen information is available.

Brainwave entrainment can induce your mind to resonate in the vibrational frequency that automatically raises your state of consciousness, above the subconscious blocks you have procured through time. From this frequency, you will ingrain new positive thought patterns of abundance, permanently, into your gray matter. This frequency is the doorway to the collective unconscious and your source of inspiration, providing you with abundant ideas that may facilitate the manifestation of your desire, otherwise hidden from you.

Brainwave entrainment can change your fortune, change your mindset from lack to abundance, and change your life.

Change your blueprint. Clear limited thought patterns and revel in the power of love and gratitude so that you can receive the abundance you so rightly desire.

Take advantage of a technology, brainwave entrainment, that can easily access and maintain the frequency required to communicate with your inner child, clear those blockages, and re-write your blueprint.





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