Can Brain Wave Entrainment Take Away The Pain Of Withdrawal When You Stop Smoking?

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You are doing something repeatedly that could claim your life and those  around you. You want to quit, you need to stop, but it’s difficult. Your  lack of control–your craving is calling the shots. You have an  addiction.

Smoking and the nicotine it supplies to your brain and body are slowly taking  you out.

Can brain wave entrainment help you stop smoking without having  withdrawal?

How Did You Become Addicted In The First Place?

Smoking, amongst a host of other activities, can be an unconscious way to  control feelings and moods that make you feel anxious…or it could be you  started smoking because it made you feel cool. Either way, it owns you.

That first drag, in particular, can give you an illusion of relaxation.

I used to have to have a smoke when I needed to “think” or “get away” from an  emotion that overwhelmed me. I used smoking as a “pause” button–a break from  reality. The trouble with that is, is that those “pauses” were more pleasureable  than reality–at least in the beginning–and there were more and more of  them.

As you engage in smoking, repeatedly, your brain will associate this  behaviour with the release of dopamine–a feel good chemical–as a reward. If  you do something over and over again, the brain will treat you with a  pleasurable sensation–an “aha”. This is what addicts sell their soul for.

With smoking, you continue inhaling your drug called nicotine, and the brain  starts cutting back on the dopamine. Your brain knows you’ll keep on doing the  behaviour so it doesn’t need to hand out the goods as often. Now you need to  smoke more, take in more nicotine to get the “reward” you originally  received.

You are so physically and emotionally addicted at this point, it isn’t even  funny. You are so physically and emotionally addicted at this point, it isn’t  even funny.

You immediately feel a drop in dopamine when you don’t smoke for a little as  two hours, and you go into withdrawal. Your brain is holding the dopamine  hostage until you light up another smoke.

The subconscious mind carries out habitual patterns of behaviour like smoking  and is also your emotional home. That same subconscious mind feels no sympathy  for you and will actually direct your body to feel the need to light and inhale  that cigarette. It knows when it’s time for another and it nags at you until you  put that smoke in your mouth. It uses both physical and emotional blackmail  you.

So The Key To Quitting Is To Convince The Subconscious Mind That It’s Time To  Quit

The only way to change the subconscious mind is to address it where it hangs  out, along the alpha-theta brain wave frequency. It is here that new neural  pathways, new programming can occur and old, bad programming can shrivel up and  die.

Using Brain Wave Entrainment Will Help You Reprogram Your Mind

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