Could You Benefit From Brainwave Entrainment?

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Brainwave entrainment, quite simply, is a neuro-technological tool that uses sound to alter your brainwaves to a desired frequency.

Why would you want to use brainwave entrainment?

Each brainwave frequency has its own characteristics, experiences, and benefits, and if you know what it is you’d like to experience, what benefit you are seeking, you can use brainwave entrainment to achieve that state and benefit.

How do you know if you could benefit from Brainwave Entrainment?release

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you could positively benefit from brainwave entrainment.

  1. Do you worry too much?—if your brain is stuck on worry, entrainment can release its hold.
  2. Do you over-think everything?—If you constantly over-analyse everything, and never reach any soluble solution, this process can stop the cycle and clear your mind.
  3. Do you suffer from depression?—If you are depressed, your brain is imbalanced.  Entrainment synchronizes both hemispheres of your brain and brings it into balance, alleviating symptoms of  depression.
  4. Do you have high blood pressure?—This process will put your mind and body into a state of calm, releasing positive chemicals (like Serotonin) that assist in lowering blood pressure.
  5. Do you have trouble sleeping?—If you have trouble sleeping, it may be because you are stuck on a higher, more active brainwave frequency.  This process lowers your brainwaves (very easily because of the physics principle of frequency following response), and lulls you into a deep, restorative sleep.
  6. Is it hard to meditate? Brainwave entrainment enhances any type of meditation by taking you to the right frequency right away, powering up all your intentions.
  7. Do you have trouble with anger?—If you notice your road rage, in particular, is getting out of hand, you may be having anger management issues.  Brainwave entrainment lowers the production of chemicals that are egging you on, subconsciously.
  8. Are you in pain?—If you experience pain, especially chronic pain, entrainment can facilitate a rewiring in the brain, that can alter how you perceive that pain.
  9. Do you have an addiction?—If you are having trouble with withdrawal symptoms from any type of addiction, be it a drug or psychological addiction, this process is clinically proven to be very effective.  Besides lessening the hold of withdrawal symptoms, entrainment can stop future cravings.
  10. Would you like to explore other dimensions and communicate with higher beings like spirit guides, angels, or your higher self?
  11. Would you like to turn on your psychic ability or activate your third eye?
  12. Are your chakras out of balance?
  13. Would you like your intentions to manifest?
  14. Could your prayers be enhanced?  Brainwave entrainment can put power behind your prayers.

Could you benefit from brainwave entrainment? 

Most likely.

Just about everyone could benefit from this easy, effective technique that alters your brainwaves to a beneficial frequency, using  repetitive and rhythmic sound patterns.

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