Are You Awake For The Shift? Brainwave Entrainment Can Get You There

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December 21, 2012 is a signpost that marks “The Shift” of your consciousness, to a higher, more spiritual vibrational state, a state of being awake. Brainwave entrainment is a proven neuro-technological tool that can help you achieve this four-dimensional awareness.

We are advancing to a new level in the spiral of Time.

The more people that are conscious and aware of this date as a marker for a New World Cycle, the more aligned we will be as the transition process unfolds.

The more we awaken, the more we contribute to this planetary movement of energy, the greater the possibilities arise for positive change, for all of us, and the New Earth.

What Does Being Awake Mean?

Being awake means to awaken spiritually, expanding in consciousness, which is a natural by-product of life experience.

To some degree, everyone is awake. Everyone has an awareness of, and their own understanding of their spirit or true self, because they all have consciousness and are aware of it.

We awaken from identification with our thoughts.

Normal consciousness, on our three dimensional Earth, means being asleep or in a dream state. We are totally controlled by our ego-consciousness, which generates thoughts from our subconscious blueprint that hold memories from this incarnation and the past.

You are sleep, or unawakened if you totally identify with, and are run by your mind-and the constant mind chatter. You don’t use thought-thought uses you. You are thinking through filters that distort what is real. You label, judge, react and have opinions and are what you tell yourself, you are. This state is an illusion and cannot sustain the feeling of joy for long, because it is not real.

Conceptual Awakening

The concept of awakening or the idea of awakening is something the ego might enjoy. This way, you pretend that you are awake while keeping the ego in tack. You would then be a superhero, wanting peace and love without having to address just who you really are. The one who wants to be a superhero-the ego, is the one who has to die if you are to experience authentic awakening.

Most people just want to conceptually awaken. It’s easier. You just pretend.

Unfortunately, you’ll never wake up and reap the rewards of a fourth- or fifth- dimensional state of being.

It can be very frightening to take the leap and kill the story book version of yourself, the one you are most familiar with, when you don’t know who your authentic or higher self might be.

Awakening will eventually happen to everyone.

Spirit will eventually lead all humans back to the Source, or God. Every single human being will ascend back to All-That-Is-our Creator.

Brainwave entrainment introduces a sound frequency to the brain which it will follow and mimic, altering its state of consciousness and frequency, to that of the stimulus. Because entrainment can hold a steady level of frequency, you will experience a raise in consciousness much faster than if you prepare for “The Shift” using just a meditative practice which can take years to establish.

Entrainment will help you awaken to your deepest human potential, to be a wise and loving being, contributing to human culture, our planet, and our Universe.


Preparing For The Shift

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