What Happens When You Alter Your Consciousness With Brain Wave Entrainment

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Okay, let’s begin by saying that it takes just six minutes for the brain to start entraining.  Entrainment of your brain waves is a process that involves introducing a stimulus (sound in this case), in a specific frequency pattern, to your present brain wave pattern.  Within six minutes, your brain waves will begin to match that outside stimulus and resonate in that frequency.   You will then begin to experience that brain wave pattern.  It takes time and practice to fully integrate the new pattern, but 30 minutes a day adds up nicely.  Each 30 minutes will alter your consciousness to another, deeper level.

You will, regardless, change your brain wave frequency and reach a higher state of consciousness, with one half hour session.


*  Close and relax your eyes.

*  Let your jaw drop.

*  Release your body’s tension, body part by body part.

*  Now simply listen to the tones and your brain waves will match the frequency associated with the sound.

*  You may hear strange sounds like buzzing, droning, beats, drums, thunder, or the flapping of wings.

*  Be still and breathe through the abdomen, not your chest.  Breathing through your chest will instigate the flight or fight response.

*  Inhale at the same rate as you exhale.  Consciously relax on each exhale.

*  Breathing is directly linked to your brain waves.

*  Stay relaxed.  Breathing deeply will rapidly cause you to relax.

*  You may hear strange sounds like buzzing, droning, beats, drums, thunder, or the flapping of wings.

* Imagine opening your heart and mind.

*  Open your psychic channel.

*  And now, if you like, ask for help…..from whoever you wish–maybe your spirit guide or God or your guardian angel.

*  Keep focusing on the beats or pulses.  This is what causes the shift in your brain wave pattern.  Focusing will result in stronger entrainment.  This will actively help the process.

*  Visualize who you would like to see, what you’d like to have happen, where you’d like to be…a happy place perhaps.

*  See yourself in 3rd person like in a movie or maybe don’t put yourself in the picture at all.

*  Feel the situation, hear everything; use all your senses for stronger entrainment.

*  Think in the positive and keep it simple.

*  Belief and Confidence:  if you cannot believe, imagine as vividly as you can. Imagination and belief both stimulate the same neural mechanism.  Your deep mind doesn’t know what is real and what is not.

*  Or you may remember past, forgotten memories from your childhood or another life.

*  Your breath may catch in a sob–just  for a moment, as your emotions are released from a deep, faraway place.

*  You will disconnect from your body at this point.

*  A flood of light or flashes of light may appear on your inner landscape.

*  Strong visual impressions with vivid colours and patterns may appear.

*  Don’t question what shows up, let it happen….heck, you may even hear a voice or see an entity.

*  Enjoy the experience.

*  You have the power.

*  Time will disappear and before you know it, you will slowly and gently come back to conscious awareness and the brain wave entrainment will be over for this session.


*  Saliva production speeds up and you’ll probably swallow more.

*  Tense areas of your body may twitch in resistance and but that will go away.

*  You may feel a vibration in your body or head.

*  You may experience hot flashes.

*  Your body may feel very heavy just before you detach from present reality.

* Your nose, ears, or toe may itch.  Anything that can itch, probably will itch.  Ignore it and it’ll go away.

*  Your eyes may dart back and forth like you are in REM and they may tear.

*  You may fall asleep but no worries, the entrainment is still affecting your brainwaves.  It takes practice and dedication to stay awake.


*  Serotonin, the feel good hormone will be coursing through your veins.

*  Your circulation with increase because of lack of tension in muscles and you’ll feel a “runner’s high”.

*  Your emotions will stabilize…for quite a while actually….you’ll feel peaceful.

*  Your energy will increase, you’ll feel refreshed.

*  Your memory will improve, for the moment, and so will your organized thoughts.

*  You may experience an intense state of euphoria and contentment.  Brain wave entrainment is worth it just for that fact.



….Brainwave frequencies that alter your consciousness and provide you with a mystical experience can also to give you spontaneous healing.

Now that’s really cool.

So there you have it.

That’s what happens when you alter your consciousness with brain wave entrainment.  It really is a mind blowing experience.




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