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The phenomena of brain wave entrainment is widely known for its ability to change our almost manic everyday brain waves into the calm, stress-free, relaxed brain waves of a meditating Buddha.  BWE is a respected scientific principal that uses  frequency following response.  In other words, brain wave entrainment works on the theory of resonance which is, a body (brain wave) will vibrate in sympathy with  a neighbouring source of sound.  This body (brain wave) will synchronize or match an outside stimulus whether from a natural source like a ticking of a clock or from a specially designed mp3 to achieve a certain effect.

It’s really quite something.  There is vast amounts of evidence proclaiming brain wave entrainment’s effectiveness.

There’s no training required.

It’s fast, easy, and it sticks.

It can target specific concerns.

It’s highly effective and fits into anyone’s daily routine.

But I bet you didn’t know these SECRETS about brain wave entrainment. 

1.  You can lose weight listening to a brain wave mp3.  How can that be you ask?  Well, BWE increases your blood flow, which in turn speeds up your metabolism, hence–you burn more calories.  You’ll know it’s happening because you’ll be thirsty after your session.

2.  You can feel very sexy after a brain wave entrainment session.  Again, your blood blow increases bringing back to life all those areas that may need a little lift.  I guess the evidence would be “in the pudding” as they say.

3.  You’ll look and feel a bit younger after a session.  Brain wave entrainment releases high levels of the human growth hormone DHEA, which is known as the “fountain of youth” hormone.  It also increases your level of Melatonin, a hormone that delays the signs of aging.

4.  You’ll be smarter after a specially targeted session.  Brain wave entrainment wakes up dormant parts of the brain.  So, no matter how old you are, or how established you think your brain wave patterns are, you can make new neural pathways and learn new things.

5.  You can receive more of what you want to manifest, like prosperity for instance, after a blockage removing session of BWE.  Part of the reason we don’t receive alot of what we wish for is because we have deeply embedded blocks that stop us before we even get started.  Brain wave entrainment will target the frequency where those bad boys live and start breaking down the dam.

6.  Brain wave entrainment can help you come into this life (help your mama bring you in gently) and can help you leave this life (help you connect with the afterlife’s welcoming party).  It can get you coming and going.

So there you have it, 6 more benefits of brain wave entrainment.

BWE can make you skinny, sexy, younger, smarter, richer, and give you a leg up coming into this world and an easy ride out of this world.

The line forms behind me.

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