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brainwave entrainments 101 benefitsYou can change what’s happening in your life, for the better, when you experience the different brainwave states that brainwave entrainment can bring so easily, to you.

Here is the list:

101 Reasons To Use Brainwave Entrainment


Brainwave entrainment, simply, is the process of deliberately changing your brainwave frequency to feel or experience a certain effect.

The brain naturally entrains or duplicates any external stimulus that is presented in a rhythmic, repeated consistent manner, altering its brainwave frequencies to match said stimulus.

The benefit of being able to change your brainwaves, is that, at your will, you can experience different states of consciousness, when you chose to experience them.

You can change your brainwave frequency and change how you feel, at your convenience.

Here is a list of the first 101 reasons, in no particular order, to use brainwave entrainment technology to change your state of consciousness.

  1. Inexpensive and easy to use.
  2. Can be downloaded on an i-pod, i-pad, mp3 player, computer and much more.
  3. Appeals to all walks of life.
  4. Has an endless number of effects.
  5. Is a viable solution to a huge variety of problems.
  6. Is used by more psychologists, mental health clinics, coaches, teachers, and professionals everyday because they find it remarkably effective.
  7. Can be used when you want to use it, where you want to use it.
  8. Within six months, you can reach an advanced state of mind that previously required decades of meditative practice.
  9. Cutting edge personal advancement tool.
  10. Beneficial for positive self-development.
  11. Improves performance in personal and professional life.
  12. Doesn’t conflict with any meditation styles.
  13. Can be used in conjunction with any meditation style.
  14. Optimizes your mind.
  15. Great to use instead of drugs.
  16. Immediate and long-term benefits.
  17. Instantly feel relaxed.
  18. Deep sense of well-being.
  19. Ability to handle stressful situations better within a few weeks of sessions.
  20. Can create brainwave states that are impossible to experience consciously, normally.
  21. You can turn on any brainwave state you wish to experience.
  22. Keeps at a consistent frequency while entraining brain.
  23. Can access various states of mind easily.
  24. Uses the whole brain to entrain.
  25. After a few weeks of entrainment, you’ll have an increased ability to learn.
  26. Enhances creativity.
  27. Helps you problem solve using all areas of the brain.
  28. Feel calmer afterward, more in control.
  29. Boosts energy.
  30. Kicks up your motivation.
  31. Takes 6 – 8 weeks to see measureable increase in I.Q.
  32. Backed up by scientific research.
  33. Immediate relief from tension
  34. Immediate benefit for learning large amounts of information quickly.
  35. Immediate relief for insomnia.
  36. Meditation effects, immediately.
  37. Use a few times a week for long-term improvement.
  38. Can use every day.
  39. Or once a week.
  40. You get what you put into it.
  41. Don’t have to sit in a lotus position.
  42. Is effective regardless of what you focus on.
  43. Intensifies feelings of well-being.
  44. Can still mind chatter.
  45. Can introduce you to your higher self.
  46. Can help you rewire your brain.
  47. Will change bad internal programming.
  48. Enhances visualization.
  49. Helps learn new skills.
  50. Removes anxiety.
  51. Stops panic attacks right away.
  52. Takes away fear.
  53. Trains the brain to naturally go to a desired state.
  54. Brings back repressed memories.
  55. Helps increase memory.
  56. Wakes up sleeping glands.
  57. Increases libido.
  58. Helps you sleep.
  59. A session is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.
  60. Makes new neural pathways.
  61. Really changes the physical structure of the brain.
  62. Can see changes on a brain scan.
  63. Reduces muscle tension immediately.
  64. Increases vasodilation.
  65. Reduces gastric acid.
  66. Reduces depression.
  67. Lowers blood pressure, immediately.
  68. Removes fibromyalgia symptoms.
  69. Great pain reliever.
  70. Releases natural morphine.
  71. Is not necessarily spiritual unless sought.
  72. Considered very safe.
  73. Is a therapeutic tool that can be used in conjunction with normal therapy.
  74. Helps you process emotions.
  75. Improves health significantly.
  76. Can turn back the clock.
  77. Gateway to other dimensions.
  78. Fortune 500 companies use this with their top executives.
  79. Makes you sharper.
  80. Makes you happier.
  81. Live longer.
  82. More balanced emotionally.
  83. Helps you concentrate.
  84. Brings back hair.
  85. Takes away wrinkles.
  86. Helps you lose weight.
  87. Stops the craving for carbohydrates.
  88. Helps you develop unconditional love.
  89. Gives you creative rushes.
  90. Unlocks hidden talents.
  91. Gives you insights.
  92. Puts you in the zone.
  93. Improves relationshilps.
  94. Helps ADD/ADHD dramatically.
  95. Diminishes social anxiety and phobia.
  96. Gets rid of bad habits.
  97. Reduces the time required to learn something.
  98. Removes symptoms of addiction.
  99. Strengthens your immune system.
  100. Gets rid of anger.

And #101.  Can change you into who you want to be.

That’s just the first 101reasons to use brainwave entrainment as part of your self-development journey.

Brainwave entrainment is a cutting-edge personal development tool that should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.


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